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Current Issue - March 2018, Volume 12, Issue No. 1

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Precontoured Clavicular Locking Plate with Broad Lateral End: A Newly Designed Plate for Lateral Third Clavicle Fractures


Introduction: Various treatment modalities are available but no consensus has been reached for optimal treatment of lateral third clavicle fractures. Precontoured locking plates with broad lateral end for multiple screws fixation is a newly designed plate for lateral third clavicle fractures. The objective of our study was to analyse the functional outcomes as well as complications of this technique in a significant number of cases with long follow-up duration.

Materials and Methods: Forty-six patients with distal third clavicle fractures were treated by precontoured clavicular locking plate with broad lateral end. Functional outcomes were assessed on the basis of Constant-Murley Shoulder Outcome Score and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Shoulder Rating Score, active shoulder range of motion, time for fracture union and coraco-clavicular distance.

Results: The mean Constant-Murley score was 92.56±4.47 (range: 79-98) for injured side and 96.22±2.23 (range: 90-100) for normal side with p-value 0.56. Mean coraco-clavicular distance at final follow-up was 10.52±1.13 mm (range 9.7 to 11.7 mm) in injured side and 10.25±0.98 mm (range 9.6 to 11.2 mm) in normal side. Mean UCLA Shoulder Rating Score was 32.55±2.12 (range: 27-34) for injured side and 33.46±1.88 (range: 31- 35) on normal side with p value 0.58. No major complications that necessitated revision of surgery occurred in our study.

Conclusion: This newly designed plate seemed extremely useful in successful union of lateral third clavicle fractures, with reduced rate of complications like fixation failures, iatrogenic rotator cuff injury, AC joint osteoarthritis and sub-acromial bursitis, with good functional outcomes.

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