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Current Issue - March 2020, Volume 14, Issue No. 1

Official Journal of Malaysian Orthopaedic Association and ASEAN Orthopaedic Association

Contents March 2020


The Use of Alfa-Lipoic Acid-R (ALA-R) in Patients with Mild-Moderate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Randomised Controlled Open Label Prospective Study
Passiatore M; Perna A; De-Vitis R; Taccardo G

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Scanning Electron Microscopy Study of Retrieved Implants Suggests a Ratcheting Mechanism Behind Medial Migration in Cephalomedullary Nailing of Hip Fractures
Law GW; Koh JSB; Yew AKS; Howe TS

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The Results of Two-stage Revision for Methicillin-resistant Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI) of the Hip
Santoso A; Yoon TR; Park KS; Anwar IB; Utomo P; Soetjahjo B; Sibarani T

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Musculoskeletal Occupational Injuries in Orthopaedic Surgeons and Residents
Tan KSK; Kwek EBK

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Incidence of Football and Futsal Injuries Among Youth in Malaysian Games 2018
Ahmad-Shushami AH; Abdul-Karim S

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A Comparison of the Reliability of the Patellar Tendon- Trochlear Groove (PTTG) Distance and the Tibial Tuberosity- Trochlear Groove (TTTG) Distance Measured on MRI
Gupta H; Batta NS; Kataria H; Batra V; Upadhyay AD; Jain V; Mishra P; Goel N

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Pre-Operative Embolisation of Musculoskeletal Tumours - A Single Centre Experience
Wong SJ; Urlings T; Seng C; Leong S; Tan BS; Tan MH

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Submuscular Plate Stabilisation After Lengthening: Standard and Modified Techniques
Munajat I; Sulaiman AR; Mohd EF; Zawawi MSF

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Manipulation under Anaesthesia for Patient Reported Stiffness after Total Knee Arthroplasty in an Asian Population
Boo HC; Yeo SJ; Chong HC

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Single-stage 'Fix and Flap' gives Good Outcomes in Grade 3B/C Open Tibial Fractures: A Prospective Study
Singh J; Dhillon MS; Dhatt SS

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Valgus Malalignment Due to Internally Malrotated Trochanteric Nail Placement, with Rotational Malalignment in Femoral Shaft Segmental Fracture Fixation, an Underestimated Avoidable Technical Error: A Case Report
Hwang PX; Anuwar NA; Khaw YC; Hadizie D

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Marjolin’s Ulcer in Laron Syndrome - an Unexpected Combination: A Case Report
de la Paz EM

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A Rare Case of a Distal Humerus Pathological Fracture from Klebsiella Pneumoniae Osteomyelitis: A Case Report
Chan MF; Kwek EBK

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A Rare Case of Giant Cell Tumour of Bilateral Achilles Tendon Sheath - Reconstruction with Dual Tendon Transfer: A Case Report
Samal P; Mohapatra NC; Mishra J; Mylarappa A; Das P

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Severe Cervicothoracic Kyphoscoliosis in Neurofibromatosis - A Failure Of Posterior-Only Instrumentation: A Case Report
Soh EZF; Muhamad-Ariffin MH; Baharudin A

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Successful Transcatheter Arterial Embolisation for a Traumatic Iliacus Hematoma: A Case Report
Kato T; Chinzei N; Katayama N; Hirota S; Takahashi M

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Miss-A-Nail Technique for Neck of Femur Screw Fixation: It Is Easier Said Than Done
Kow RY; Abdul-Aziz; Low CL

Modified Unipolar Hemiarthroplasty for the Treatment of Metastatic Lesions of Proximal Femur with Pathological Fractures: Case Series of Six Patients
Kow RY; Goh KL

Late Presentation of Paediatric Pink Pulseless Supracondylar Fracture of Humerus: A Case Report
Wong M

A Safe Technique to Remove the Hip Spica
Mazelan A; Lam AWC; Albaker MZA


Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About People We Don’t Know
Yakin F


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